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Grey Island Energy is the developer of an innovative ocean wave energy technology that provides utilities and independent power producers with an efficient, cost effective electricity generator that produces energy from a consistent renewable energy source.

Image depicts a 2 unit SeaWEED™ farm.

The SeaWEED™ (Sea Wave Energy Extraction Device) is a device that converts ocean wave energy into clean reliable electricity for use with offshore oil & gas operations and near shore grid applications.  These units can be used to power sensor arrays, sub-sea pumps & components, and offshore oil platforms while displacing diesel fuel costs associated with power generation.  

The SeaWEED™ has a storm mode where it can produce power in storm conditions without having to shut down.  This device can operate in as little as a 1 meter sea state, all the way up to a 100 year storm!

SeaWEED™ devices can be used in conjunction with each other creating expandable energy farms for whatever your power requirements are!

Grey Island has designed the SeaWEED™ with reliability, robustness, and efficiency in mind!